1: The 1793 Birch Cent features a message from Lady Liberty declaring "Parent of Science & Industry."

2: The 1930 Australian penny has a hidden message that reads "halfpenny."

3: The 1944 steel penny displays "No High Points."

4: The 1955 doubled die penny showcases a message of error in minting.

5: The 1972 double die penny reveals a distorted image of the date.

6: The 1883 "No Cents" Liberty Head nickel is missing the indication of the coin's value.

7: The 1922 "No D" Lincoln penny is missing the designer's initial.

8: The 2004 Wisconsin state quarter has an extra leaf on the cornstalk, symbolizing an error in the design.

9: The 2005 Kansas state quarter features a misprint on the cornstalk, creating a unique variation.