1: Yorkshire Terriers carry puppies for about 63 days. Their average gestation period is two months.

2: The pregnancy duration is key for preparing for the arrival of adorable Yorkie puppies.

3: During the 9-week timeframe, it's crucial to provide proper care for the expectant mother.

4: Regular vet check-ups and a balanced diet are essential during this period.

5: Create a comfortable and safe space for the pregnant Yorkie to rest and nest.

6: Be prepared for the labor and delivery process, which can be intense but rewarding.

7: Yorkshire Terrier puppies are typically born tiny and adorable after the 63-day gestation period.

8: Ensure the puppies receive proper care and nutrition from their mother after birth.

9: The joy of seeing Yorkie puppies grow and thrive is a priceless experience for any dog lover.