1: "The Undertaker's training routine focused on strength and conditioning for his best physique."

2: "High-intensity workouts and strict nutrition were key for The Undertaker's transformation."

3: "Consistent weight training and cardio helped The Undertaker achieve his iconic look."

4: "Focused on building muscle mass and staying lean, The Undertaker's training regimen was intense."

5: "Balancing flexibility and strength training was essential for The Undertaker's physique."

6: "The Undertaker's dedication to his training routine was a crucial factor in his success."

7: "From weightlifting to martial arts, The Undertaker's training was diverse and challenging."

8: "Hard work and discipline were the foundation of The Undertaker's impressive physique."

9: "By pushing his limits and prioritizing fitness, The Undertaker achieved his best physique."