1: Seven galaxies collide, creating cosmic fireworks. Radio signal travels 8 billion years to Earth, unveiling stunning celestial spectacle.

2: Astronomers analyze distant signal, revealing secrets of ancient galaxies. Witness rare event as galaxies collide in epic, cosmic dance.

3: Scientists marvel at collision's energy release. Radio waves reach Earth after 8 billion years, showcasing galaxies' mesmerizing interaction.

4: Celestial ballet unfolds as seven galaxies merge, emitting powerful radio signals across space. Witness the beauty of cosmic collisions in real-time.

5: Radio signal finally reaches Earth after 8 billion years, showcasing ancient galaxies' interaction. Intricate cosmic dance captured in stunning detail.

6: Astronomers study radio signals from merging galaxies, unlocking mysteries of cosmic interactions. Witness the spectacular collision unfolding from billions of light-years away.

7: Seven galaxies collide in celestial spectacle, emitting radio signals across vast cosmic distances. Witness the awe-inspiring beauty of ancient galactic interactions.

8: Radio waves travel through space for 8 billion years, capturing the majestic collision of seven galaxies. A journey through time and space unfolds before our eyes.

9: Experience the epic collision of seven galaxies through radio signals that took 8 billion years to reach Earth. A breathtaking journey through the cosmos awaits.