1: The iPhone SE is Apple's most affordable option. Starting at $399, it offers great value for those on a budget.

2: With features like the A13 Bionic chip, it delivers fast performance without breaking the bank.

3: The 4.7-inch Retina display and Touch ID make it a solid choice for those who prefer a smaller phone.

4: The single-lens 12MP camera is perfect for capturing everyday moments with great quality.

5: Available in black, white, and red colors, the iPhone SE offers a sleek design at a lower price point.

6: With iOS 14, users can enjoy the latest software updates and features on the affordable iPhone SE.

7: The 7MP front camera and Portrait mode capabilities make selfies look stunning on this budget-friendly device.

8: For those looking for an Apple product without the hefty price tag, the iPhone SE is the perfect choice.

9: Overall, the iPhone SE offers a great balance of price and performance, making it the least expensive option in the iPhone lineup.